Tenth Digital Print Of “Virginia Creeper” Sold, Price Goes Up

September 15th, 2010 by David Leland Hyde Leave a reply »

Virginia Creeper, Northern Sierra Nevada, California, 1977 by Philip Hyde. Appeared on more magazine covers than any other Philip Hyde photograph including Audubon Magazine, Darkroom Magazine and others.

On Friday, September 3, 2010 Mountain Light Gallery sold the 10th archival fine art digital print of “Virginia Creeper, Northern Sierra Nevada, California, 1977.” For the next 10 prints “Virginia Creeper” archival fine art digital prints will be $100 higher in all sizes. After an additional 10 prints sell, the price will go up another $100 and so on. For example for unmatted/unframed prints, “Virginia Creeper” pricing for the next 10 prints will be:

8 X 10          $275

11 X 14          425

16 X 20          575

20 X 24          775

24 X 30        1025

32 X 40        1275

Likewise for matted and framed prints, just add $100 to the corresponding value on the regular price sheet found at Philip Hyde Photography under the tab INFO and About Archival Fine Art Digital Prints or see the blog post, “About Archival Fine Art Digital Prints” that contains similar information.

Archival fine art digital prints are released in numbered special editions. Print numbers limited by pricing. After 100 prints sell of a particular image, prints of that photograph will be valued at $1,000 more than they were to begin with, or than other prints. Archival fine art digital prints have been made by Carr Clifton, a 30-year protege of Philip Hyde, since 1999, seven years before the older landscape photographer died. Philip Hyde oversaw and authorized Carr Clifton to make the archival fine art digital prints. We still have at least five of the archival fine art digital prints Philip Hyde signed.

As start-up costs are paid off, a portion of funds will go to environmental causes and to preservation and care of Philip Hyde’s original film.



  1. Richard Wong says:

    Congrats David. This is a very striking image and one that immediately caught my eye when I saw your dad’s exhibit at Santa Monica College a few months ago.

  2. Thank you, Richard. I need to do more research to get all the names of magazines that published “Virginia Creeper.” There were several posters and greeting cards. “Virginia Creeper” has been a bestseller since Dad made it in 1977.

  3. Paul Grecian says:

    I remember seeing this image in print it seems several times. I was struck by the image the first time I saw it and am glad it has been so well received. It is wonderful!

  4. Hi Paul, thank you for your comment and well-wishes.

  5. Delma says:

    this is one of the most beautiful pictures I think he did. I always seeing all his work. thanks David

  6. Thank you, Delma. I appreciate you commenting.

  7. Addie Openshaw says:

    This is a wonderfully captured image! Thank you for your insight on your father’s love in Dianne Lipscombe’s ART100 class today. My favorite picture was (two actually that are similar but different parts of the U.S.) the Lava Flowers, Craters of the Moon National Monument. The other picture I really enjoy is the Lake near Susitna River, Alaska Range, 1971. Again, thank you.

    Best regards,
    Addie Openshaw

  8. Hi Addie, Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my guest lecture yesterday. Dianne has been great to work with. “Lava, Flowers, Craters of the Moon” is a favorite of many people. Having “Lake Near Susistna River” as a favorite is a little more unusual, though it is one of my personal favorites. Good luck with your college experience. I hope you pursue and enjoy your interest in art.

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