Reader Recommendation: Steve Sieren On A Mountain Top

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All this talk of mountain photographers brings me to recommend a recent blog post:

<< From the Talus Slopes of Mt. Agassiz >>

By Steve Sieren on his blog called “Thoughts, Ideas and Experiences.” While Steve Sieren is not strictly a mountain photographer, he does it with skill and a has a knack for getting way out in the backcountry in all types of terrain.

Palisades Glacier, Sierra Nevada, 2010 by Steve Sieren. From the top of Mt. Agassiz, the 20th highest peak in California.

I first heard from Steve by e-mail. He wrote to say that he had been a fan of outdoor photographer Carr Clifton and had heard of my father, pioneer landscape photographer Philip Hyde through Carr Clifton. He told me he would unfortunately miss the Santa Monica Exhibition but just after it came down when I was in Los Angeles, he offered to show me some little known photo spots around the area. He came across as a genuine, approachable, friendly and kind person. Since then we have kept in touch and he has been helpful regarding many subjects. I still plan to go on one of his field workshops where he takes people out and shows them areas they perhaps have never seen in California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. “Most of the workshops are in the California deserts, mountains and coastal areas,” Steve Sieren said.

One of the reasons I admire Galen Rowell is that he was a self-taught photographer. Steve Sieren is also essentially self-taught, though he took some workshops including one from Marc Muench. He said he did have help from “many friends and mentors along the way…in other fields of photography.” Los Angeles offers some of the world’s best photographers in a number of genres and is one of the up and coming world art scenes.  I admire Steve Sieren because even though he lives in a major metropolitan area, he values wilderness and getting out in it. Also, he is a great story teller. Visit his latest blog post for some real action and excellent images. It shares his adventures on a spontaneous hike and unplanned overnight stay at the top of California’s 20th tallest peak. Hats off to Steve Sieren who is doing today what some of the early pioneer landscape photographers did back in the day, but with a more adventurous and spontaneous twist. Be sure to also scroll down or poke around and find his blog post about snow camping too.



  1. pj finn says:

    Thanks for passing that along. It was well worth the visit.

  2. Hi PJ, Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I loved this series of Steve’s; from the Talus slopes of Mt. Agassiz. Every shot in his article was breathtaking. I also enjoyed his writing.

    A worthy recommendation, David.


  4. Hi Sharon, thank you. Wasn’t it through Steve Sieren that you heard about Philip Hyde, or at least the online presence of and this blog?

  5. Yes, it was from Steve’s blog.


  6. Thanks for the confirmation, Sharon. I feel fortunate to have connected with you and your photography and your husband’s as well. We have Steve to thank.

  7. Richard Wong says:

    I really like Steve’s work and he seems like a good guy from the correspondence I’ve had with him. I’m sure we’ll meet up at some point since we both live in So Cal.

  8. Hi Richard, exactly. I’m looking forward to meeting both of you at some point.

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