Reader Recommendation: Check Out Richard Wong’s Blogs

February 15th, 2010 by David Leland Hyde Leave a reply »

Recommendation of “In the Field” and “Field Report: The Non-Glamorous Side of Photography”

Los Angeles Skyline, Winter, Twilight on Mt. Baldy, 2010, by Richard Wong.

Whether you are an appreciator of good photography, a new photographer learning technique, an intermediate image maker refining your skills, or an old pro just getting set up on the internet, two blogs by Richard Wong are a wealth of solid knowledge that I recommend to all readers. “In The Field,” Richard Wong’s photography blog, is loaded with fine work and a good example of how to moderate comments and engage readers.  “Field Report: The Non-Glamorous Side of Photography,” offers good information on social media, internet marketing and many other business concerns. This blog also links to Richard Wong’s articles on internet marketing and social media published on sites all over the internet. Richard Wong’s blogs were also recommended by Outdoor Photographer Magazine. Be sure to read Richard Wong’s widely known post, “Top 10 Most  Influential Nature Photographers of All-time.”



  1. Richard Wong says:

    Thanks for the mention, David. I’ve also really been enjoying the material that you have been posting on here. It is different from the photography blogs out there given your unique knowledge of the subject matter.

  2. I am fortunate that my parent’s lives, and mine, have been rich with many years of adventures. My dad’s prolific production in photography and writing, as well as the fascinating times he lived in, provide more high quality material than I could ever put on a blog in one lifetime. Besides, we are living in an interesting transitional time right now and the innovations, brilliance and ignorance, progress and backslidings of today make for great stories too.