New Oil Spills Threaten Fresh Water

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While One Million Gallons of Oil Spills in Michigan, President Obama Plans to Approve New Risky Oil Pipelines from Canada.

From the Sierra Club Press Room

By Bruce Nilles
Deputy Conservation Director, Sierra Club

Mt. Denali, Wonder Lake, Denali National Park, Brooks Range, Alaska, 1971 by Philip Hyde. Oil drilling and spilling have long been the primary threats and obstacles to Alaskan wilderness.

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Another million gallons of crude oil spilled into fragile waters – not in the Gulf of Mexico this time but in Michigan.

Can you believe it?

Last week a tar sands pipeline spilled toxic oil into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan contaminating 30 miles of waterways and forcing residents to evacuate the area.

Yet, despite all this, the Obama Administration is considering permitting a massive new tar sands pipeline called Keystone XL that will use thinner, cheaper steel while snaking from Canada through the American Heartland to the Gulf Coast.

Send President Obama a message via email, Facebook or even Twitter – tell him that permitting another tar sands pipeline is unacceptable.

Like BP, Enbridge, the company responsible for the Michigan oil spill, has constantly assured our government and citizens that its operations are safe; yet this company alone has been responsible for over 600 spills in the last ten years.

The Keystone XL pipeline threatens American water, air, and farmland.

The pipeline will cross the Ogallala Aquifer which supplies one third of all agricultural water used in this country as well as the drinking water to eight states. Furthermore, the pipeline will lead to expanded air pollution in Texas.

Tell President Obama that increasing our dependence on tar sands oil is dangerous for our communities and does not lead us toward a clean energy future.

It’s time to end our toxic and dangerous addiction to oil and say no to new tar sands pipelines.

Thanks for helping to protect our environment,

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  1. pj finn says:

    Thanks for this post David. I’ve been railing against the tar sands and the pipelines for quite some time now.

    Keystone XL, the latest one, is projected to run 1980 miles from northern Alberta to Texas, and when fully operational will move 900,000 barrels a day of tars sands bitumen, one of the dirtiest substances known to man. It’s a recipe for disaster.

    To cross the international border between Canada and the US, the pipeline requires State Dept. approval, which apparently will be granted if it hasn’t been already. I encourage all of your readers to tell the Obama administration to just say no.

  2. Hi PJ, thanks for this information. Were you “railing against the tar sands” on your photo blog or your Buzztail blog? I have enjoyed both, but did you turn off the comments on Buzztail or did I just not see them any more? I have been meaning to write another recommendation post pointing to your blogs for some time, but have been overwhelmed outside the blogosphere by having four exhibitions overlap and coincide with the resolution of the Philip Hyde archive conflict and developing a relationship with a top flight new gallery in Atlanta. Also, I have a backlog of blog posts that are time sensitive posts. I feel your approach to blogging and your content and images are a great contribution.

  3. pj finn says:

    Thanks David. Recommendation posts, though greatly appreciated, aren’t a really a top priority. You obviously have much on your plate. I’m just thankful you take the time to do a post like this one occasionally.

    Yes, my posts on environmental activism are done over at buzztail, though that blog has been pretty much on the back burner lately. I’m scrambling madly right now just trying to figure out what my next steps are going to be. Comments are live over there, but with the theme I’ve been using you have to click on the post title to get to them. I’m choosing a new look for the blog as well as re-focusing some energy into breathing some new life into it. I hope to have it up and running strong again within the next several weeks. Activism is too important to me to let buzztail simply disappear. A guest post like this one would be most welcome should you ever decide you’d like to do that. In the meantime I have a few links to the tar sands and mountaintop removal and the like over in the sidebar. Right about now that’s about the best I can offer.

    Keep the good stuff comin’…

  4. Hi PJ, that is great news about your Buzztail blog. I look forward to seeing the new look. Also, I hope comments are more obviously found by internet neanderthals like me.

  5. Reading this post made me feel like growling. It is too bad that our leaders allow their decisions to be dictated by big money – whether they are democrat or republican.


  6. Hi Sharon, thank you. I feel the same way.

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