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While Driving Innovation The Lumiere Gallery of Atlanta Positions Philip Hyde Photographs First In Its Special Online Holiday Exhibition

Aspens, San Miguel River, San Juan Rockies, Colorado, 1974 by Philip Hyde. One of the images Lumiere is showing as part of the Lumiere Holiday Collection. The other two Philip Hyde photographs shown as part of the online exhibition are "Virginia Creeper, Northern Sierra Nevada, California, 1977" and "Mt. Denali, Reflection Pond, Denali National Park, Alaska, 1971."

Robert Yellowlees, former board member of Aperture Foundation, Atlanta’s High Museum of Art and the Woodruff Arts Center, a number of years ago turned his 35 year love of collecting photography into a full-time gallery named Lumiere, now one of Atlanta’s most prominent and luxurious. Take a virtual gallery tour of Lumiere here. Robert Yellowlees has transitioned into the gallery from a 40 year business career centered on the computer and information industries, including pioneering work with image processing technologies. Lumiere Gallery since sponsored a number of programs, books and films designed to advance the understanding and appreciation of photography.

The city of Atlanta has also cultivated the appreciation of photography. For 12 years Atlanta has held a city-wide event called Atlanta Celebrates Photography. The Atlanta Celebrates Photography website explains, “Each October, Atlanta is transformed by over 150 photo-related exhibitions and events, including a core of Atlanta Celebrates Photography programs hosted by a diverse network of venues across the Atlanta metro area.” The events held during the 2010 festival are listed in the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival Guide (pdf). The backbone of Atlanta Celebrates Photography’s annual festival are its programs, nearly all of which are free and open to the public. Programs include a photography auction, Atlanta Celebrates Photography Collaborations, the Film Series, Greenhouse, Knowledge Series, Lecture Series, My Atlanta, Public Art Program, Portfolio Review and Walk, Spotlight Series and many others. The Festival Guide provides a sense of the ongoing dialog about “sweeping changes in the way we capture, view and consider images” today and into the future:

Omnipresent and constantly evolving, photography shapes our global perspective while quietly capturing the defining moments of our personal lives. Does the popularity of photography and its technological revolution lessen the impact of the images we see? Or has the ever-deeper, revelatory nature of photography grown more potent? This is a fascinating period in the history of photography. With so many images being produced, the competition for connection with a viewing audience is intense. All photographers are asking new and difficult questions about the nature of the medium. Is photography teaching us to view life from a thousand angles at once? Will we become numb and over-saturated, or invigorated and enlightened? In the past, photography has been clearly defined into categories such as documentary, landscape, vernacular, and commercial, for example. Brought on by the explosion of new photographers, and the increasing interest in the image, photography’s identity crisis is writ-large, as photographers revel in cross-pollination and re-appropriation of genres. This is exciting new territory for the image maker and image viewer.

The Lumiere Gallery is out in front of the innovation with its lecture series on collecting photography presented online, as well as other inventions that bring the collecting of photography more solidly into the online realm. Lumiere Gallery exhibitions are shown online as well as in the gallery and a significant portion of sales are at least partially transacted online.

The latest online event is the Lumiere Holiday Collection. The Lumiere Holiday Collection is “an exhibition highlighting a specially selected collection of photographs with holiday giving in mind.” This exclusively online exhibition features landscape photography including, in order, the work of Philip Hyde, Tim Barnwell, Jon Kolkin, Wynn Bullock, Peter Essick, Bob Kolbrenner, Tom Murphy, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Imogen Cunningham and Al Weber.

Lumiere Gallery Holiday Collection

Online December 3 – December 23, 2010

Lumiere Gallery
The Galleries of Peachtree Hills
425 Peachtree Hills Avenue, Suite 29B
Atlanta, Georgia   30305



  1. pj says:

    Sounds like a fine venue for some of your father’s work. Congratulations. Atlanta’s celebration of photography looks to be a great and innovative program to say the least.

    The ideas in that blockquote about photography’s identity crisis could make for some interesting and provocative blog posts, though I wouldn’t even know where to start. with that

  2. Thank you, PJ. That paragraph opens the doors for anything, doesn’t it, much the way photography is now. We are under the ancient Chinese “curse” of “living in interesting times.” What blows me away, when you think about it, most of the turmoil is due to one computer program that has literally changed the face of the medium, for better or worse. Usually one would expect the West Coast to be keeping up with innovations, but I find the best photography galleries in California steeped in the past. Here in the West where we typically take pride in being on the cutting edge, our best photography galleries are devoted primarily if not solely to purveying and cultivating collectors of vintage black and white prints, rather than embracing the overwhelming changes that are transforming the medium.

  3. Delma says:

    Hi David, I cannot tell enough how much I love the “Virginia Creeper” photo. It is so vivid and just captures you. I want to just stare at it!!!
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year to you.


  4. Hi Delma, thank you for expressing your connection to that photograph. Women with good taste seem to really like it. I say that with a bit of humor, but it is true. Hope all is well way over there in Tennessee. Holiday Cheer to you… If you ever get to Atlanta, be sure to go visit Lumiere. They have a good selection of Dad’s work to see, possibly for only a limited time. We don’t know yet.

  5. Greg Russell says:

    David, this should be a really nice way for more people to learn of your father’s work.

    I agree with PJ and you in that the paragraph is really pretty deep. We’re in the middle of final exams right now at work, so my attention has largely been away from photography. However, I’ll try to return to it more once finals are over.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours,

  6. Greg Russell says:

    BTW, I love that image…stunning!

  7. Thank you, Greg. Season’s Greetings to you too. You mean there are moments you don’t think of photography? Well, that’s probably healthy and good once in a while. I hope grading the final exams goes smoothly.

  8. Ivan Rimanic says:

    Hi David,
    That is an awesome photo. Really makes me appreciate how wonderful and serene nature can be! Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Blessed White Christmas (i can only wonder…being an Australian in San Diego!)

  9. Glad to hear from you, Ivan. I appreciate your comment. White Christmases are pretty rare in San Diego, but you never know. Of course, strolling on the beach barefoot in shorts on Christmas day in sunny, 65 degree weather like we did last year, is pretty rare up here, so I guess it evens out. Have a great Holiday Season.

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