Interview By Joseph Munoz On “The Common Good” KQNY 91.9 FM Radio

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Interview Of David Leland Hyde By Joseph Munoz, Host Of “The Common Good” On KQNY 91.9 FM Plumas Community Radio: The Sound Of The Lost Sierra, “Real Radio for Real People.”

Airs On KQNY 91.9 FM Tuesday Mornings and Thursday Afternoons

Tuesday, April 16, from 10-11 am

Thursday, April 18, from 7-8 pm

Tuesday, April 23, 10-11 am

Thursday, April 25, 7-8 pm


Tuesday, April 30, 10-11 pm

Wednesday, May 1, 10-11 am

(All Times Listed Are Pacific Standard Time.)

Also Airs WORLD WIDE Streaming Online At:

(At The Same Times)

KQNY-LogoJoseph Munoz asks David Leland Hyde about growing up exploring and wilderness traveling with his mother and father Ardis and Philip Hyde, representing Philip Hyde with photography galleries, the transcendental view of nature, what it’s like being the son of a “famous photographer,” Sierra Club Books, the upcoming May 3-June 3, 2013 Philip Hyde And David Leland Hyde Plumas Arts Show at the Capitol Arts Gallery in Quincy, California and whether Quincy is becoming an Artist’s Retreat or Colony.

The Common Good Radio Show on KQNY 91.9 FM is a local Feather River Region community affairs talk show. Joseph Munoz is the host and moderator. The Common Good’s mission is to provide a forum to inform citizens of the communities in Plumas County, Sierra County and Lassen County about “past or current matters of public interest.” The approach on The Common Good is to bring to light these local affairs “in an objective, non-partisan way and to permit persons of differing views to speak in their own voice. Enlightened thinkers like John Locke believed that a free marketplace of ideas will always promote the common good in almost every aspect of society.”

Joseph Munoz, a professor, educator and administrator at Feather River College, won the Hayward Award for Excellence In Education. Feather River College in Quincy, California was recently named one of the top 10 academic community colleges in all California.

Previous guests on The Common Good have included Rob Wade, coordinator of Learning Landscapes, an outdoor classroom program for each of the schools in the Plumas Unified School District; Paul Hardy, the Executive Director of the Feather River Land Trust; and Bill Coats, one of the founders of The Quincy Library Group, nationally recognized for research and mediation of timber and lumber environmental conflicts.



  1. This sounds great David. I’ll have to try to catch it streaming online. Will it be available on demand or only at the times of broadcast?

  2. For now, it will only be available at the time of broadcast. The 91.9 FM station regular programming is on and streaming the rest of the 24-hour cycle. However, the interview, perhaps in different segments or a different form, perhaps in entirety, will eventually be available on but I wouldn’t hold your breath for that to happen right away.

  3. The time difference might be an issue but I will try.

  4. Hi Steve, Thanks for returning. Do what you can. Maybe you can rally everyone at work to listen, and/or take a late lunch, and/or stay up late this one time. Thanks for the time difference heads up though. I will edit the post to say Pacific Standard Time.

  5. pj says:

    How cool is that? I’ll be sure to try to catch it. Am I reading it right that your interview is airing four times?

  6. Glad you commented, PJ. Yes, that is correct. It will air four times.

  7. Richard Wong says:

    Very cool, David. Congrats on getting this opportunity.

  8. Thanks, Richard. It is a great opportunity, but it essentially came to me. These days with all that is going on, I don’t have time to go out seeking publicity opportunities, except to promote current shows. There will come a day when I do turn on the public relations machine, but I need to learn much more about how it is done now first and have a book to promote. As you know, being the new media expert you are, everything has changed and it isn’t our father’s public relations any more.

  9. Hugh Sakols says:

    David, I look forward to listening.

  10. Thanks, Hugh. I believe you will enjoy it.

  11. Greg Russell says:

    This is awesome, David, congratulations on this opportunity!

    I’m going to try catching this either tonight or on Thursday. If not, I’ll try to find it as a podcast (fingers crossed).

  12. Hope you enjoy it, Greg. Please let me know what you think of it.

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