Happy Thanksgiving!

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Blessings To This Land

Ahwahnee Dining Room, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California, January 2010 by David Leland Hyde. Nikon D90. Photoshop used only to resize and decrease the tilt to the right, which was greater in the raw capture. The cloudy “effects” at the sides of the photograph are due to having come inside suddenly after hiking to Mirror Lake and back from the Ahwahnee Hotel in below freezing weather and snow. The lens fogged and even iced up as soon as I came indoors. I made this photograph after the center of the lens defogged. Is it a straight photograph or is it pictorialist?

(From the Holiday Archives…)

Thanks Giving

Blessings To This Land…
I am grateful for the wind,
For the tide that brings us foods from all over the world,
For warm fires and memories,
For friends.

Blessings to this home…
I am grateful for smiles and laughter,
For stories,
For this strong, good house,
For the woods.

Blessings to this life…
I am grateful for this calling,
For this challenge,
For this chance to serve,
Despite my flaws.

Blessings to the people…
I am grateful that even the greatest storm,
Will pass,
The night is long and full of fear,
But the sunrise always comes.

Blessings to the great circle…
Life carries on,
Nature is our teacher,
The tree bends in the breeze,
The squirrel gathers stores for the winter.

And we are blessed,
We may run very fast,
And lean far out over the cliff,
Yet catch only ourselves,
In the end.

Originally posted 11-25-2010



  1. pj says:

    Beautiful words David. Thanks for what you do.

  2. Derrick says:

    Very nice, thank you David!

    And Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Hi PJ and Derrick, thank you both and each for your participation this year. Happy Turkey Day.

  4. Greg Russell says:

    Happy Thanksgiving David! I’ve enjoyed the blog this year so far and am thankful for being introduced to you and your father’s photography.


  5. Richard Wong says:

    That is a very cool photo David! I had some pretty bad problems in Alaska with condensation.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. What a wonderful photograph and poem, David. We have so much to be thankful for.


  7. Lenore says:

    The days are crisp and the sun is out! All is good! Cheers to you this holiday season.

  8. Steve Sieren says:

    Thanks for thinking of your readers David! Your shot catches the appeal of a great place indoors during winter in a single shot. Hope you had a great Thankgiving! I played football today and can’t move now!

  9. Greg, Richard, Sharon, Lenore and Steve thank you for your comments and for other discussions this year. I am grateful for your participation. The exchanges have been fun and enlightening.

  10. Guy says:

    Thank you for these beautiful words, David! I’m glad you arrived home safely. Never stop running and never stop leaning over the cliffs. Safety comes at a cost, and at some point the price becomes too steep.


  11. Happy Thanksgiving, David! Wishing you the very best, but be careful around those cliffs. 😉

  12. Thank you, Gary. Happy Thanksgiving. I have heard first hand cliffs can be dangerous. 😉

  13. Mark says:

    Happy Thanksgiving David, I hope you have a great one.

    Great words here.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, Mark. You of great words saying my words are great is an honor.

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