Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Holidays 2012…

Dried Native Corn Bundle, Adobe Wall, Santa Fe, New Mexico, copyright 2009 by David Leland Hyde. Nikon D90.

Outside the wind roars and the rain drums on the roof and the decks. Inside I sit in the warmth of the stove, cozy, listening to the fire hum with the wind outside and watching the flames dance through the glazed stove door casting a faint glow that flickers around the room.

Today it was dark and gloomy, lonely and a bit sad here. The seasons march on into the night, into winter and into the past. The past that hovers just beneath the surface, that still holds a candle for the future. A past enriched by love and laughter. We were wandering in the wilderness with open hearts. The people we were, are only here in memory now. Yet perhaps they are still here in some other form, they must be. They feel very close, yet very far away.

Tomorrow, the rain will stop, the weather report promised. The sun will come out. Everything will glisten wet, fresh and clean, washed by time and the weather. I do not have to become addicted to technology to believe in the future. The future will be here, whether I believe in it or not. Will I be here? If I am here, in what form will I appear? Will I be like the rain? Will I change into the wind and roar over the mountains and down the canyons? Will I sweep out to sea and not come back until I blow out the lights in New York City? Perhaps.

Perhaps I will be changed by the sun. I will grow soft and kiss a new baby’s cheek. I will sit by the stove in the firelight and play the guitar with my friends. I will bring a salad and an offering to the Thanksgiving feast. I will give thanks for the many blessings I have. I will think about the Pilgrims and what they went through to find their rock. I will share with the native people and not take advantage of their generosity this time. I will celebrate my culture and many other cultures without bending them to a colorless mix of media, advertising and globalization. I will stay small and happy by the fire, happy in my local ways, eating well, close to the land, warm while I know I am ready for the storm. I don’t fear the rain or the water because I am their brother. I am the wind. I am Giving Thanks.



  1. NIcely written and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks, Monte. Happy Turkey Day to you as well.

  3. pj says:

    Thumbs up for a fine piece. Good thoughts and great writing David.

  4. I appreciate that, PJ. Coming from you or Monte with your level of craft, a compliment means that much more. Happy Stuff-Yourself-With-Old-Friends-And-Family Day.

  5. This is fine writing David…and fine thinking as well. I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow and all days and are able to experience the life you describe in your words.

  6. Nancy says:

    Beautiful sentiments from your heart David. Have a great feasting, thanking, and giving day.

  7. Steve and Nancy, I am grateful for your contributions here and for the compliments. You have a good holiday and future too.

  8. Andrew H says:

    David, beautifully written. Happy Thanksgiving from the other side of the world.

  9. Thanks for the sentiments and candid writing – really deeply felt and understood – I am grateful for that. Best to you and family during the holidays!

  10. I’ve appreciated our exchange over the last few years, Robert. Here’s to you and yours for the Holidays too.

  11. Jim Sabiston says:

    Keeping faith with the elemental spirits is always a sound practice and provides for a solid footing and grounding of self. May your holiday be a pleasant one.

  12. Mark says:

    Beautifully written piece David. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  13. Thank you Mark and Jim. Happy bird plucking day to you too. Both of you have offered me many words of wisdom on your blogs and here.

  14. Sharon says:

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, David. I always get something from your blog. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.


  15. I am grateful for your participation here over the last few years, Sharon and Derrick both and your quality sharing on your own blogs too, like some of the others commenting on this blog post.

  16. Greg Russell says:

    Fantastic post, David, and happy belated Thanksgiving to you! This is my favorite holiday, and it’s posts like yours above that remind me why.

    I hope you are well my friend.

  17. Beautiful piece of writing David!

  18. Dan Baumbach says:

    I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving. It’s finally starting to get cold here. I’ve really enjoyed the last two winters and I’m looking forward to my third.

  19. Thank you Greg, Jackson and Dan. Happy giving thanks day to you gentlemen. I am grateful for your stopping by this neck of the woods. People like you make all this worthwhile. I miss Boulder. I’m jealous, Dan, but winter here will be gorgeous too.

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