Happy Thanksgiving!

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Pumpkin, Melting Snow Patterns On Deck, Northern Sierra Nevada, California, copyright 2011 by David Leland Hyde. Nikon D90.

Dear Pilgrims and Natives, the Turkey is a little slim this year, but we all still have much that deserves gratitude. Every day, even in the darkest of times, each of us can find something for which we are grateful. This Thanksgiving I am grateful for good neighbors, good friends, a good guitar or two or three strummed or picked around a warm wood stove with a glass of wine and more food than anyone needs. I am also grateful for Lumiere Gallery and the Messages From The Wilderness Show. I am grateful for all other photography galleries and venues that have hosted exhibitions of Dad’s photographs in the last few years, as well as each of the photography galleries that now represent my father’s pioneering conservation landscapes in the form of vintage black and white prints, archival digital prints, dye transfer prints and Cibachrome prints. I am also thankful to the following bloggers and websites for either Tweeting, Twittering, Re-tweeting, putting on Google+, on Facebook, embedding in their website or photoblog, or otherwise linking to or mentioning the ALL NEW PHILIP HYDE SHORT VIDEO. Dad would be shocked, humbled, amazed, and when he got used to the idea, happy to see his photographs shown around the world. Thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart…

Note: Those names below in blue are links as customary. Those in black that are not links I either could not find again or they were buried in a long list of shares. Topsy and some other social media search sites are currently having technical difficulties. Even the Holy Grail, Google Search, does not seem to crawl all tweets and shares, even on its own platform Google+. Also, as I am not yet a participant of some of the social media, not all searches are available to me. If you are one of those listed below and would like your name linked to your share or post of the video, please send me the link in the contact form above or in an e-mail. Same goes for those who I have accidentally omitted from the list and deserve my apologies.

Jim M. Goldstein

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Guy Tal

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PJ Finn

Richard Wong

Stephen Gingold

G. Dan Mitchell

Steve Sieren

Seung Kye Lee

Dan Baumbach

Greg Russell

Michael Frye

Paul Dickenson

Michael E. Gordon

Jim Sabiston

Carl Donohue

Q.T. Luong

Russ Bishop

Sven Seebeck

Michael R. Reynolds

John Paul Caponigro

Paul Colangelo

Sean Arbabi


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New School of Photography

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  1. I hope your Thanksgiving day is spent splendidly, David, and thanks very much for the well-wishes and year long postings that are so enjoyable and informative.

  2. Hi Steve, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your day is all that you wish it to be as well. I too have appreciated your blog posts and the discussions we’ve had. It has been great becoming cyber friends. If you are ever in California or Colorado, be sure to look me up, as they say.

  3. Hi David
    Yes, It has been nice getting to know each other out here in cyberspace. Greg Russell and I are talking about my visiting the West, so I will definitely be in touch if I can pull it off. It would be very nice to meet up.

  4. It would be great, Steve. Greg Russell and I have become photo blogging friends too. He and I plan to do a cross-posting in the next week or two, where we post on each other’s blogs. I must warn you, however, as you may already know, but some Easterners don’t fully realize, California is a big state. He and I live over 10 hours by car away from each other at either end of California. It’s an equivalent drive with say Boston to Washington D.C.

  5. And, Happy Thanksgiving to you, David.

  6. Oh yes, I do realize that David. The whole state represents a longer trip than I have ever driven. I imagine there will be a lot of traveling involved. The plans may be big. My friends Alister Benn and Juanli Sun, who just started up WhyTake and live in the eastern part of Asia, are thinking of visiting Guy Tal and Sean Bagshaw, so a trip to Utah or Oregon may be part of my plan as well. Not sure how I will pull it off logistically, but plan large I guess and then see what needs to be adjusted.
    Your cross posting sounds like an interesting route. I will look forward to see how things go…very well I would expect.

  7. I’m giving thanks for you and your blog, Monte.

    Steve, nothing wrong with planning big. If you have more than one travel companion, you can drive great distances in a short time anyway.

  8. Sharon says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, David. Sounds like you have a lovely day planned.

    Dirck and I wish you all the best.


  9. Thank you, dear David, for creating this blog! I wish you and all it’s participants a very happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Richard Wong says:

    Happy Thanksgiving David!

  11. pj says:

    Thanks my friend, and have a great holiday. There are many reasons to be thankful — this blog is one of them…

    Love that pumpkin photo.

  12. Jim Sabiston says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Dave. Always glad to offer a hand where I can!

  13. Many thanks to you each for your comments and participation today and this year.

  14. Greg Russell says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, David!

  15. Thank you, Greg, for our developing online friendship. Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. Steve Sieren says:

    Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving David!!

  17. Likewise yourself, Steve. I have appreciated your generosity and friendship this year too.

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