Happy July 4, 2022

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Happy July 4!

Young Cowboy with American Flag Lenses, July 4 Taylorsville Silver Buckle Rodeo, 2019 by David Leland Hyde. (Click Thru to See Large.)

Do not buy into the Discovery Doctrine, Manifest Destiny, the Myth of Progress, endless growth, consumerism or American Exceptionalism too much.

The money supply may have an unlimited ability to expand and prosperity may have no bounds for a small portion of those living on Planet Earth, but the real, hard facts remain that we live on a finite globe with a very specific supply of resources.

Celebrate our always-a-great country for advancing the arts—the Hudson River School of painters, fiction, poetry, theater and film. Not to mention that wilderness, even though the definition has changed now that we acknowledge nature’s management by the indigenous people’s of the world, wild lands live on and have always been very much alive in our culture, more than in any other nation.



  1. Thank you, Linda. Happy Independence Day. 🙂

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