Favorite Photographs of 2016 » 5.-DHWY-I80-558-16-Mustangs,-Hazy-Morning,-Central-Wyoming-II

Wild Mustangs, Hazy Morning, Tall Grass, Central Wyoming Open Range by David Leland Hyde. Somewhere in Central Wyoming this herd of wild horses grazed peacefully near Interstate 80. I stopped and walked back toward them. At first they were skittish and ran a little ways away, but they acted as though they were familiar with being photographed. I made my best attempt at horse whispering to get them to turn, face me and walk toward me. I was able to make a few exposures of them walking toward me, grazing and on the run as well. What a gift. Though their coats were a little scrappy and tails full of burrs, they were big and lean and more muscular than most domestic horses.

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