DHCA-RR60-699-17-Fall-Color,-Ardis-Hyde’s-Garden » DHCA-RR60-699-17-Fall-Color,-Ardis-Hyde’s-Garden

Fall Color, Japanese Maples and Other Ornamental Trees, Ardis Hyde’s Garden, 2017 by David Leland Hyde.


  1. Sheryl says:

    Dear David,
    At first I was just looking at your photography and admiring it since I love Indian Valley too. Today I found out you are blogging, etc. about your Mom and all you have learned from her and your Dad. I find it totally immersing. Thank you.
    Sheryl Kirk

  2. Great to hear you are immersed, Sheryl. Tells me I am at least on the right track with the right people. Glad we connected on Facebook through my agriculture photographs of the #Midwest #HeartlandAmerica. 🙂

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