Carr Clifton At Mountain Light Gallery

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A Solo Exhibition of New Work

Carr Clifton

Nine Weeks In The Sacred Headwaters

Guest Artist Exhibit At Galen Rowell’s Mountain Light Gallery

Bishop, California

January 13 to March 15, 2012

Artist’s Reception and Booksigning

Friday, January 13, 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Slope in the Spectrum Range, Mount Edziza Provincial Park, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada, copyright 2011 by Carr Clifton.

Please join Mountain Light Gallery on Friday, January 13 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. for the opening of its latest guest artist exhibition, Nine Weeks in the Sacred Headwaters, featuring 32 fine art prints of the Sacred Headwaters, British Columbia, Canada, by master printmaker and award-winning photographer Carr Clifton.

In collaboration with author and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis, and the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), Carr Clifton captured some of the most beautiful and most endangered lands in North America.

Nine weeks trekking hundreds of miles of backcountry trails and roads, and 10 aerial shoots from helicopters, Carr Clifton’s portfolio of this incredible region conveys the importance of protecting this precious place from large scale industrial development. Many individuals and organizations donated their time and financial support making this project possible, and resulting in the visually stunning book, The Sacred Headwaters: The Fight to Save the Stikine, Skeena, and Nass, written by Wade Davis, with photography by Carr Clifton and others, published by Greystone Books.

Mountain Light Photography, Inc.

106 S. Main Street

Bishop, California 93514

(760) 873-7700

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  1. Steve Sieren says:

    I’m hoping to make this one David. I got the email from ML too. I have to convince my friend that is driving us from Saline to Eureka in Death Valley that is something that doesn’t happen often and we’re too close to miss it!

    Do you know how much the book will cost at the event?

  2. Hi Steve, this will be an amazing show. Carr’s new landscapes of the Sacred Headwaters are some of his best work ever. They are spectacular. I’m not sure about the pricing of the book at Mountain Light Gallery. I have a call in to Deanne and when I find out I’ll let you know.

  3. Greg Russell says:

    Oh man, this should be fantastic! I need to try to figure out how to sneak in a trip to Bishop for this.

    Many thanks for sharing, David!

  4. Hello Greg, it ought to be a good excuse to head for the Eastern Sierra Nevada. I wonder if there is much snow on the high country…? Maybe the mountain peaks or even the low lands will get some before the middle of March. Keep fingers crossed. Either way, seeing Carr Clifton’s new work from British Columbia is the inspiration of a lifetime, guaranteed.

  5. Steve Sieren says:

    Thank you David. Not much snow at all in the Sierra, Tioga Pass and the road to the Bristlecones is still open. People are ice skating up off hwy 120.

  6. Thanks Steve, for the Southern and Central Sierra update. I was just listening to a reporter from NPR’s “Marketplace” interview a pro snowboarder about the lack of snow all over the U.S. The snowboarder said he could take an off year because last year he enjoyed a record snowfall in his home town and ski areas of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He wasn’t too bummed out because he was way up north in Canada somewhere that had a meter of fresh powder. However, when a major snowboarding competition gets canceled as just happened at Snowbird in Utah, he said it does hurt because he looses the chance at substantial prize money. He did happen to add that he was still optimistic about snow this winter. He said that all the long range forecasts had predicted some time ago that the majority of significant snowfall this year will happen after mid January. We may get some winter yet, though I am enjoying being able to work outside still with the dry weather right now. The only drawback here in the Northern Sierra Nevada is that it has been unusually cold.

  7. Sounds like a great show by one of my inspirations, David. Living on the East Coast has a few drawbacks.

  8. Hi Steve, I appreciate you mentioning that Carr is an inspiration to you. How did you become familiar with his photography?

  9. David-when I started pursuing photography in the 70s I would study various photographers such as your father, Adams,Porter, Shaw and Clifton. Lots of others as well…continuing to the present including some of the folks who take part in this forum. Most of what I do bears little recognizable resemblance to their work but it’s in there.
    I still enjoy looking through many of the books I’ve collected including Clifton’s collection of New York images.

  10. Hi Steve, thank you for the interesting answer. I find it fascinating that those nature and outdoor photographers who have studied primarily the work of master landscape photographers in books, the Sierra Club Calendars and other more traditional film era print media have the most unique and individual voices, while those raised by some online photography critique forums tend to present work that looks much like everyone else’s. I’m not discounting that some of the very best landscape photography ever created is happening now, but I am speaking of and noticing generalized trends.

  11. Anil Rao says:

    I am glad I stopped by today, David. I am thinking of heading to Bishop for the weekend and if the trip does pan out, I’ll be sure to visit this exhibition at Mountain Light.


  12. Hi Anil, I’m glad you stopped by too. Hope you have a good trip. If you at all can possibly go to the opening, do it. You will find that meeting Carr Clifton will be quite an experience. When you get to Mountain Light Gallery, ask for Kevin and let him know you found out about the show through my blog…and please let me know what you think of the show when you return.

  13. Steve Sieren says:

    David, I did stop by and met Carr, viewed the artwork and had him sign the new book! Didn’t get to talk to him very long but it was still a great experience! Thanks!

  14. Hi Steve, Oh great, I’m glad to hear that. I know you said when we first talked on the phone a few years ago that he was one of your inspirations, as well as being the way you originally found out about my father’s photography. By the way, I guess this doesn’t matter since you already bought the book, but Deanne said they were referring all questions about the book pricing at the gallery to Mountain Light. I never had a chance to follow up on it beyond that. I’m glad you bought the book though. It is a beauty, isn’t it? I’m working on doing some reviews of it in various publications. We’ll see how that goes. I am a bit rusty on writing for print media, have never published a book review or even tried and am also unfamiliar with the markets. I am studying the papers right now to get up to speed. I feel the photographs are some of the best in a landscape photography book in a long time. Wade Davis’ text is superb too. Enjoy…

  15. Sharon says:

    Hi David…wish I could see this. I’m an admirer of Mr. Clifton’s work. I would love to see photos of the exhibit if you have any.

    Best wishes,


  16. Hi Sharon, I appreciate the comment. I don’t have any more of the photographs other than the cover of the book besides the image in this post. There are three images from the show in the Mountain Light description at the link above, but I don’t believe Mountain Light posts show photographs online. Have you seen Carr Clifton’s incredible website? On it he has a Sacred Headwaters portfolio: I believe many of the images from this group are in the Mountain Light show. The Sacred Headwaters, of all photography books I have ever seen, is worth splurging for. You can order it through my Amazon link to it in the post above, which will help me keep this blog going and save you quite a bit off the cover price.

  17. Ordered the book through your link, David.

  18. Thank you Steve, you will love it. The text is a pleasure to read too and the cause is worthwhile. Sacred Headwaters is in the illustrious tradition of the original “Battle Books” that started it all and “does the tradition proud.”

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