Philip Hyde Photography Mission Statement:

Philip Hyde Photography has these priorities:
1. To raise environmental awareness by exhibiting and permanently installing the photography of Philip Hyde and other artists of the natural scene in more leading world class art museums and other art and nature-oriented venues.
2. To publicize and further Philip Hyde’s renown by widening the distribution of his photographs and life’s story.
3. To continue land conservation and environmental activism with the photographs.
4. To teach low-impact living through the example of Ardis and Philip Hyde.
5. To network with visionary leaders to help mastermind a sustainable society through a peaceful revolution based on long-term prosperity.

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  1. Good Day David,
    What a breath of fresh air to have stumbled upon your family blog and site!
    I am a desert rat photographer that has found a lot of inspiration from your fathers’work both behind the camera and for conservation.
    Thank you for your continued time and efforts to promote the use of photography in conservation!

    Kristen M. Caldon Photogapher

    “Whether in the field, on assignment, or on the way ~ it’s an adventure!”

  2. Thank you, Kristen. It never seems like I can do enough.

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